Eryk Pruitt: Something Bad Wrong

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Jess Keeler is doing a true crime podcast. It’s not just any crime, it’s about her grandfather, Sheriff’s Deputy Jim Ballard, and an unsolved double murder from 1972.

A young couple went missing and their bodies were found tied to trees -it wasn’t pretty. “Big Jim” Ballard is assigned the case but he doesn’t want it. He’s been noticing some problems lately. Holes in his memory have him worried. At times he finds himself driving and he can’t remember to where.

Keeler knows she doesn’t have the cachet to make the podcast stand-out among the numerous productions available. She persuades disgraced, but notable, journalist Dan Decker to help her. But she wonders if he’s up to the task.

In Deeton County, North Carolina, where the murders took place, Kessler uses her grandfather’s worn notebook marked with puzzling phrases, and a scrawled name, to help her navigate the past. And Decker, well he’s yet to prove himself while they are there.

Eryk Pruitt writes a dual timeline thriller that will have you jumping ahead in your brain to figure things out.

~ June Lorraine Roberts

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Murder in Common is #33 on the Feedspot Top 100 Crime Novel Website

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  1. I do like books with past/present connections, June. And the world of podcasts is an interesting one! It’s not one I’ve dipped a toe into, but I can see the appeal.

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