Ripley Jones: Missing Clarissa

Cam Muñoz and Blair Johnson are working on a journalism project assigned by their teacher. The subject, and how they choose to cover it, is up to them.

Clarissa Campbell has been missing from Oreville, Washington, for more than 20-years. Muñoz thinks doing a podcast on this hometown girl could lead to fame and fortune, and uh…yeah a good grade.

Johnson goes along with her as it’s hard to resist when Muñoz has an idea. They are two very different girls whose talents offset each other well. One raised like a free-range creature, the other in a formal household as an underrated girl.

Together they interview the family and friends of Clarissa. Some things go well, some don’t. Often Johnson is soothing relationships as Muñoz can be abrupt and abrasive.

Things begin to go wrong when their car is forced off the road and they realize they must be getting close to the truth.

Missing Clarissa is a highly enjoyable YA novel, with young, female characters who are well described, and interesting. Give it a try.

~ June Lorraine Roberts

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6 responses to “Ripley Jones: Missing Clarissa”

  1. Another gravitating introduction and interesting concepts for publicizing any missing person. June I cannot believe how many people go missing today. Hearing about them and swing their photos and info forces one to envision an old sci fi or horror film. The missing are not jus little children but adults of every age, race, etc. WHAT a well-delivered review June. And, what an insightful read

  2. This really does sound appealing, June. Parts of your review remind me a bit of Holly Jackson’s A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder. I can see how this one would appeal to people who enjoy YA crime fiction.

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