James W. Ziskin: Bombay Monsoon

India’s June 1975 ‘State Emergency’ is still debated as a dark era in the country’s history. It was a period of inordinate confinement, depression of civil rights, the silencing of opponents, and the deep censorship of the press.

Into a volatile environment tyro reporter Danny Jacobs is sent to investigate and report. He arrives days before the Emergency is declared and finds himself in a worsening situation.

Jacobs is well received by the ex-pat community introduced thru his neighbour Willy Smets. At a gathering in his home, Smets introduces him to his partner Sushmita. It’s an immediate attraction and it seems the feeling is reciprocated.

Jacobs manages to get an interview with a bomber who killed a police officer and has an interesting story to tell. Soon after, his servant is arrested and Jacobs becomes the centre of attention of a corrupt police force.

A political thriller, Bombay Monsoon moves you through period in India that would be challenging for a seasoned journalist, And Jacobs, he’s in love and swimming in very deep waters.

~ June Lorraine Roberts

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  1. International espionage is more prominent today than ever. A great pick and review June.

  2. What an interesting premise, June! And that was quite a time in India’s history… Funny thing, I just finished reading a book that takes place in India (‘though in a different part of the country). It’s odd how that happens…

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