Lowell Cauffiel: Below the Line

Edwin Blake is a former Detroit Homicide cop, working in Hollywood as a technical advisor for film and televisions cop shows.

Times have been tough lately, the jobs have dried up leaving Blake living off his police pension.

Jason Perry, or JP, was the media mogul who brought Blake into the industry. His own profile has dropped substantially but he needs Blake to do him a favour with the promise of work. A friend of a friend’s wife and daughter are missing. Will Blake find them?

Warren Poole lives in Las Vegas and hates Los Angeles with a passion. But this Vegas hitman has been hired for a job, and even though his part is less than usual, he’ll get the job done. Part of this is playing a role for JP. The role of a worried father whose wife and daughter are missing.

So begins a knotted tale that each pull of the string reveals something new. Great characters, pacing and structure, with a broad touch of Hollywood noir. Below the Line starts a with a slow fuse and explodes into action. Lowell Cauffiel is an author to read more of. Well recommended.

~ June Lorraine Roberts

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  1. The characters do sound interesting, June. And the premise makes sense for the sort of thriller this seems to be. That slow burn start’s a good way to draw readers in, too. Yes, I can see why this appealed to you.

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