Joe Clifford: Say My Name

“Perception is nine tenths of the law.”

An author has come back to his home town of Berlin, Connecticut. He’s just divorced, the house in California is sold, and he’s weary.

Offered a teaching job meant coming home. Something he said he’d never do. And it has meaning, even if he’s not sure what.

His teaching job falls through and he spends time reminiscing, often about decades ago, when the twins Ava and Annabelle disappeared, never to be found.

An Amber Alert on his phone advises that two girls from a neighbouring town are missing. As the wheels in his head begin to turn, he searches for a connection.

A bit of digging around on one man, convicted of the rape of a minor, and just released from prison, has him piecing some things together.

Unfortunately, the police aren’t interested and are hostile to his attempts at sleuthing. His friends are in a jaw dropping state of disbelief at what he’s working on.

Once his brain is onto something though it won’t ever stop. And the closer he gets to the answers, the more danger and heartbreak are in store.

This meta novel isn’t a one-note version of Clifford. It’s an exposé of who he is, a lot of what he does, and a bit of who he was. Does it work? You betcha. But does Clifford really buy his signature black t-shirts in multiples?

The references to the Jay Porter series (wrapped up in 2019 with the fifth book Rag and Bone), are delivered with a wry tweak of you nose, and remembrances of books past.

I reviewed Lamentation, the first book in the excellent Porter series. Click Here to read.

Say My Name is well recommended reading. And is available on June 6, 2023. Click Here to Pre-Order.

~ June Lorraine Roberts

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  1. I just read your review of Joe Clifford’s “Say My Name” 📖👀, and it has me all excited to grab a copy and dive in 🙌. Your review painted a vivid picture of the book’s gripping storyline and complex characters 🌟🔍. I’m sure it’s a real page-turner! Thanks for the recommendation 📚👏.

  2. This sounds like an interesting way to explore character, June! Yes, of course, there’s the plot, but I like the way it also shares what this character is like.

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