D.L. Mark: Twist of Fate

Claudine Durdage is a nationally known communications consultant. Her real life is about grieving the loss of her stillborn child.

Jethro is her brother, 188 IQ and a rambling, sweet natured hermit, plagued with schizophrenia.

He shows up at her office lobby to tell her something incredibly important. Before that can happen a bloodied man enters the building and stabs Jethro to death.

He’s not the only person to die in that manner, in what the London press are calling a terrorist attack.

Detective Sergeant Billy Dean is going through a crisis. His wife wants a divorce and he wants only her. He’s wrought with anxiety and a deeply buried rage.

Durdage makes her way to Glavers Cottage where her brother lived. It’s a shambles of darkness, and mold. Guilt is added to her grief.

As the investigation proceeds, Dean’s team discovers that this area in the Fens has history with a religious martyr, and links to a medieval religious cult. There are many unanswered questions.

Twist of Fate is an unusual book – part police procedural, and part supernatural mystery.

Combined, it’s an interesting read, a deeply detailed book with characters fully realized. It all puts you in a place and in a mood.

D.L Mark (David Mark) is an author to keep in mind, and his DS McAvoy series is another place to find him.

~ June Lorraine Roberts

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  1. I was going to mention the Aector McEvoy series, June. David Mark is a skilled author, I think. He’s not afraid to let his work get very, very dark; at the same time, though, he doesn’t do it gratuitously.

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