Roger A. Canaff: City Dark

The body of a woman is found on a beach at Coney Island. Every indication is that she was homeless. Part of the legions of the street.

In her wallet, the business card of lawyer Joe DeSantos whose mother abandoned him and his brother 40-years ago. And yes, this is his mother Lois.

DeSantos is a blackout alcoholic, but functions well at work. His job is to keep those convicted of serious crimes who are at the end of their incarceration term, behind bars.

One such man, a convicted pedophile, is highly intelligent, has access to unlimited funds and is determined to stop him.

Strange things begin to happen to DeSantos. His shoes are found covered in sand, a baseball card he hasn’t seen in 40 years turns up in a case file, and another murder takes place leading to his arrest.

DeSantos is an intriguing character. A man with a sharp mind who can’t escape his past and drowns himself in booze. He’s likable, melancholy, and self aware.

This is a nicely paced thriller with an engaging story line, written in dual time lines.

~ June Lorraine Roberts

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Murder in Common is #33 on the Feedspot Top 100 Crime Novel Website

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  1. Dual timelines can work well, I think, if they’re done effectively. And the Coney Island setting sounds appealing. Interesting premise, too… Glad you enjoyed this, June.

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