Hayley Scrivenor: Dirt Creek

Ronnie and Ester are best friends and do most things together. They are lively girls, up for an adventure.

The mothers of Ester and Ronnie are also best friends. Constance Bianchi is Esters mum, and Shelly McFarlane is Ronnie’s. The women and their children spend a lot of time together. Their husbands, not so much.

One day when Ronnie has an after school activity, Ester leaves by herself for home. She never arrives.

The police are quickly called in and Detective Sergeant Michaels is the case lead.

That’s the bare bones of a book that will have you riveted and realizing that every moment counts.

There are several points of view in Dirt Creek each of them showing you more about the characters, and their reactions to situations as they evolve.

It’s a remarkable debut novel by Hayley Scrivenor. Excellent pacing, deep character development, and a no-nonsense approach to this rural Australian story. Highly recommended.

~ June Lorraine Roberts

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  1. That’s a very suspenseful premise, June! And I’ll bet there are some really interesting psychological angles to the novel, too, with that network of relationships. This sounds like an assured debut!

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