Carl Vonderau: Saving Myles

Fiona and Wade Bosworth, can’t manage their son Myles and his drug issues any longer.

They arrange for him to be sent to Hidden Road rehabilitation. To be able to afford this, they need to take out a second mortgage on their house and their finances are depleted.  

Myles is out of rehab for more than a year when he’s kidnapped in Mexico during a drug deal.

Fiona, now separated from Wade, works at a not-for-profit foundation. She accepts the ransom money from her boss Andre, but Wade isn’t pleased about it.  

Myles is safely returned however, part of Andre’s loan deal is that Wade comes to work for him at his bank. Wade is sure there are shady deals going on with the foundation, the bank, and the connections to Mexico. Time for the FBI to get involved.

Saving Myles is presented from the point of view of the family making this read a bit different and you may enjoy that.

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