David Swinson: Sweet Thing

It’s another day in homicide for Detectives Alexander Blum and Kelly Ryan. The scene is the home of Chris Doyle in a quiet DC neighbourhood.

Blum does his job by the numbers, searching the house for leads, and the one he finds surprises him. A former confidential informant from when he worked narcotics. He keeps that to himself for now.

On his own, Blum visits the CI’s house and the man’s girlfriend Celeste answers the door. Oh yes, he remembers her from from before and she’s looking good, real good.

The investigation shows links to heavy-weight drugs and the narcotics division is brought in to co-ordinate with homicide.

This reintroduces us to the lead character from Swinson’s critically acclaimed Frank Marr series.

There is no doubt Swinson can write noir, and write it quite well. With a deft hand he takes us into this story of Sweet Thing and you’re going to enjoy this dark ride.

I met David Swinson at my first Bouchercon conference (Toronto 2017). He was sitting at the bar and I recognized him immediately. As he was by himself, it gave me the impetus to approach him. He was gracious and engaging.

Later on I shared a taxi with him and author Bill Beverly, to Noir at the Bar. He went to great pains to assure me I was sitting between two of the safest men to be with.

I thought his reassurance was incredibly kind. But of course me being me, I let him know that he was sitting beside one of the safest and most married woman in Toronto.

There’s much more to Swinson and his career as a detective in the Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department and later as lead investigator in the District of Columbia  Read his bio here.

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