William L. Myers, Jr.: Remi Bone

His last name is Bohne. Everyone thinks the ‘h’ is silent, so Bone it became. And Remi, well his father named him after a Remington shotgun, so there’s that too.

Remi Bone has been living the straight life for years, working on high end vehicles at Deke’s garage. He mission is taking care of his late wife’s daughter who he adores.

Kayla has been accepted at an Ivy League University and while Bone has saved over the years, he doesn’t have enough to pay for all of her tuition.

Then choice came knocking – murder for hire. And Remi, he’ll do anything for Kayla before he dies because congestive heart failure is knocking at the same door.

There are many moving parts to this book and it’s a fully engaging read. Overall, you can’t help but like Bone. My first read by William L. Myers,Jr. and I’ll be watching for more. Well recommended.

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  1. I do like protagonists who are complex – doing sometimes the wrong thing for the right reason, if that makes any sense. I think you feel more for characters like that. And it sounds as though the plot of this one is engaging, too.

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