Jordan Harper: She Rides Shotgun

She Rides Shotgun Jordan Harper

Weave & dodge


She’s learned how to take a punch, how to strangle, how to manipulate. Granted it was all there inside her, an anger roiling like spoiled milk in her stomach.  She pushed these feelings down as she dealt with the bullies at school. Life can be hard at eleven.

Polly is on the run with her father, ex-con Nate McClusky. The Aryan Steel have green lighted their execution in retaliation for the death of one of their men Nate killed while incarcerated.

Now that he’s getting to know his daughter, Nate feels respect and astonishment for her capability. As his feelings of protection grow, he realizes he will do anything to keep her safe. Even if she does terrify him.

Jordan Harper has written a book of grit, determination and devotion that’s certainly not run of the mill.

~ June Lorraine


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8 responses to “Jordan Harper: She Rides Shotgun”

      • Well, I just finished this one. It was a fast read and I that. I like the merging of thriller and noir–a heftier plot and climax with a non generic protagonist(s). Unusually well written. Solid dialogue and the use of the bear as character and self soothing mechanism was touching and original. All that said, the subject matter was a bit tiring and relentless. Yep, that’s noir for you, but still it could have been fifty pages lighter. That’s my take anyway. Thanks for recommending it.

    • In a way…there is far more of the relationship that has to be developed for that to happen. He needs to grow, and she…well she views life differently. It’s quite a dynamic.

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