David Albertyn: Undercard

Win at all costs!

Finally got around to reading this explosive book by David Albertyn, and I can say, Undercard is the book for you.

Tyron Shaw has just been released from the Marines. An effective soldier based overseas, he’s seen his share of terror and blood.

Arriving home he finds his friend, Quinn the police officer acquitted of the killing of an unarmed man.

Quinn’s wife Naomi Wilks is retired from the WNBA and is coaching. She may still be the love of Shaw’s life and the pull is strong between them.

The other friend, Antoine Deco began boxing in earnest after being released from prison. It’s his undercard fight that they all are there to witness at the Reef casino.

Taking place over 24-hours this story of complex and complicated people who grew up together will have you reeling. Highly recommended!

~ June Lorraine

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  1. I have this in my TBR pile. Currently reading a 600-page book so it may be a while, but I’ll bump up the position. Thanks for the review.

  2. Hi June, Hope all is well there. It seems that I never had time to read any of your books but since I now have more time I should. The review of this book seems positive so I’ll download it. Any other recent selections you think I should look at? Wayne

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