Halley Sutton: The Lady Upstairs

Blackmail, Corruption – All in a Day’s Work

Jo, Lou and Jackal all work for the Lady Upstairs. Lou is the only one who has direct contact with Lady. She delivers the targets, and they get to work.

The targets: wealthy men who are somehow on Lady’s radar. Generally, cheating, corrupt, thieving, assholes.

Jackal didn’t show up to take photos on a job putting them all in a difficult position. Now their recent recruit has to seduce the target one more time.

But Jo’s recruit is falling apart and Lady is concerned. She’s questioning Jo’s judgement and capability, and delivers that threatening message through Lou.

Is all this easy, no. Given how much alcohol they imbibe, it’s apparent that the jobs eat at them. The money is good though, and Jo owes a lot of cash to Lady.

This book is a bit more about Jo’s journey. Her hate sex with Jackal, her love for Lou. And her defragmentation. I would have liked a more menacing overtone, but all round, an interesting read for this debut author, and a writer to keep in mind.

~ June Lorraine

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4 responses to “Halley Sutton: The Lady Upstairs”

  1. Sounds interesting…except for the hate sex…that trope has been beaten to death and yet they still dig it up and…well, you get the idea. Defragmentation?…now you’re talkin’.

    • Interesting perspective Pam, I haven’t read much hate sex lately…just what are you reading…?! All kidding aside, I do find it tiring when you see the same thing over and over, like a flavour of the month. As always, thanks for dropping by 🙂

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