Jonathan Brown: Don’t Shoot the Drummer

There’s a 3-member burglary crew around Los Angeles targeting homes under fumigation tents. The press dubs them, the Tent Gang.

They’ve been successful, in and out with no problems. Until the night a security guard catches them and is shot and killed for his efforts.

Lou Crasher the dynamic, amateur PI is working with the guard’s mother to bring the murderer to justice…legal or otherwise.

But behind the scene’s there’s a fourth member of the crew. One who doesn’t go on the excursions, preferring to stay behind the scenes, working the internet, and spying on the other team members.

When Crasher begins investigating, things change for that member. They can’t have someone trying to take them down and hence, the book title Don’t Shoot the Drummer comes into play.

When not drumming with local rock bands, Crasher manages the warehouse where band practice sessions take place. It’s a careful walk between all these endeavours. Can he manage it all?

I enjoy the work Jonathan Brown crafts. The Crasher charcter is a genuine tough guy but brings heart and a keen intelligence to his work. And there are quirky characters enough to keep me happy.

I reviewed Brown’s first book, The Big Crescendo, in December 2019, and am happy to note the further developement of Brown’s writing in the second book.

About Jonathan Brown

Jonathan been playing drums since he was 10-years old. Growing up he read Chandler, Hammet and Himes, and watched the Rockford Files and Magnum PI.

He teaches drums, is a practitioner of Hapkido karate, a fitness trainer, and writes stories in between all of the above.

~ June Lorraine Roberts

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  1. I have his contribution to Zafiro’s Grifter’s tale episodes. I ought to read that (and the series), before considering more of his work. Well, if I was sensible that’s what I’d do!

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