Trace Conger: Catch and Release

When it comes to danger there are: No Promises

Vacationing on a family isle in Meddebemps, Maine, Connor Harding watches as a man named Boone cautiously paddles a canoe to his dock.

The box he’s carrying contains postcards that are sent to his gangster boss Little Freddie. They are mailed from different cities, on the same day every year. The day his wife and daughter were murdered.

Harding accepts the mission to find the killer. There isn’t much choice really as his brother Finn is in a bit of trouble with Little Freddie.

And now we have the second book of the Connor Harding Thriller series: Catch and Release. I also reviewed The Mirage Man which was the first book about this ex-military intelligence officer.

I’ve enjoyed all the books about the Harding brothers. Click Here to read the interview with Conger in 2017, about the early books in the Mr. Finn Series.

Click Here to get a list of all Conger’s books, he’s an author you want to read.

~ June Lorraine Roberts

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