Dieter Kalteis: The Get

Toronto in the 70s. Long hair on men normalizing, multi-cultural neighbourhoods entrenching, and politicians demanding a crackdown on crime.

Two collectors for Ernie Zimm’s protection racket: Gabe ‘the Twist” Zoller and Lenny Ovitz.

Zoller has a bit of a problem collecting at the Merchant of Mink leading to the owner and his bookkeeper being killed and his arrest for their murder.

Ovitz has his own problems with his wife Pauline. She wants the get to release her from the marriage. He doesn’t want to end up penniless from a divorce.

Zimm gets word that Zoller is gonna turn against him for a reduced sentence. He pays the Junction boys and a Don Jail guard to take care of things.

Throw in the undercover cop Gary Evans and there’s much more to shake out and shape up.

Great throwback references to products like Geritol and Ponds Cold Cream, the Mary Quant mini-skirt, TV shows like Peter Gunn, and music by Mancini.

Hold your breath because it’s all leading somewhere and the end result…you’ll have to read to find out.

Kalteis is a favourite author and I’ve recommended his books in the past. Check out this review with additional links for his other books.

~ June Lorraine Roberts

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  1. Sounds like a fast-paced story that’s nicely set in a particular time. That means nostalgia, too, which can work really well. Glad you enjoyed it, June.

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