Dietrich Kalteis: Nobody From Somewhere

Available June 7, 2022 – Preorder Here

Wren Jones is a 15 year old runaway from the foster care system. She picked the wrong car to use the back seat to sleep in.

Fitch Henry Haut is a retired detective, widowed, and dying from cancer. While waiting for the meatloaf special in a Vancouver diner, Haut sees Jones fleeing from two men.

Angel and Cooder the two men, work for Valentina, a high-roller rip off artist. She sets up the sting, they steal the money. They were talking about their plans with the money when a young girl jumps out of the car’s back seat and runs.

The main overarching problem – the stolen money is Bamboo Union triad money and it’s not going to go well from here.

I’ve reviewed a few of Dietrich Kalteis‘ books: Under an Outlaw Moon, Cradle of the Deep, and Zero Avenue. This one just might be my favourite. Well recommended.

~ June Lorraine Roberts

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