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  • Paul D. Brazill: Punk Fiction +Bonus Interview

    Paul D. Brazill: Punk Fiction +Bonus Interview

    I’ve been wanting to feature Paul D. Brazill for some time now, and it’s finally come together. Punk Fiction – a short fiction sampler, is Brazill’s latest work featuring: A Case Of Noir, Too Many Crooks, Shots In The Dark and A Round Of Shots. All jammed into a collection of singular entertainment. In true Read more

  • Sue Coletta: Pretty Evil New England

    Sue Coletta: Pretty Evil New England

    Sue Coletta Interview + Pretty Evil New England Book Giveaway! As you know, I like to shake things up now and again. This time, it’s featuring crime fiction author Sue Coletta, writing her first true crime book. Not just that, Coletta has provided an interview on how she managed the writing transition from crime fiction Read more

  • Literary Book Gifts 20% off with MurderinCommon20

    Literary Book Gifts 20% off with MurderinCommon20

      A Canadian’s American Thanksgiving Quick Link to Literary Book Gifts   I’m lucky that I get to celebrate Thanksgiving twice every year. In October in Canada with our sons, and November in the U.S. with friends. The mix changes each year and it is always a lovely time. For many of us, Thanksgiving is Read more

  • Person of Interest: Sue Coletta

    Person of Interest: Sue Coletta

    Mystery Lady   I first brought Sue Coletta to this website when I put her book Marred on the 2016 Summer Reads list. It’s amazing what has transpired since then. With perseverance and hard work, she has moved forward with several projects, and sparked much admiration among her peers. For this guest post, I wanted Read more

  • Bob Kroll: The Hell of it All + Q&A

    Bob Kroll: The Hell of it All + Q&A

       Halifax Noir   A body long buried and undiscovered. An ex-con with vengeance raging in his brain. A prostitute with personal history with Peterson, and a missing daughter. All underscored by pain, loss and regret. T.J. Peterson takes the hard way through everything, leaving those in his wake either gasping or puzzled. For him it’s not the hard way through it’s the only way Read more

  • Don Bruns: Casting Bones

    Don Bruns: Casting Bones

      Coffee & Crime Fiction   It was in 2014 that I first had coffee with Don Bruns. After two winter seasons in Florida, it was time to branch out and find authors from the Sunshine state. It was a good conversation about books, writing and everything in-between.  Bruns kindly gave me a copy of his book Read more

  • Judy Penz Sheluk: The Hanged Man’s Noose

      Canadian debut author   Judy Penz Sheluk has written extensively on her blog about her journey into the publishing world. It’s her way to help authors who like her, have to do much, if not all, themselves.     She disclosed her path with such honesty, angst and enthusiasm you couldn’t help but be right along-side her as she Read more

  • Diana Hockley: Overture to murder

     Polish your spectacles & turn those pages   Author Diana Hockley describes herself as an “Australian granny who writes, volunteers and loves classical music. Is rat-mad and has currently, four.” From this whimsical depiction comes an adept crime fiction writer who understands the rhyme and reason of a book. In the past you may remember Read more

  • Sean Chercover: Frisson in print

      In trouble? PI Ray Dudgeon is the man to help   It’s happened to you hasn’t it? You’re all set to get into a murder mystery book or crime thriller and realize you’ve read it before. Damned frustrating isn’t it? It just happened to me with Trigger City. I read it again. Sean Chercover is so Read more

  • Mo Hayder: Darkly intense

    Characters we don’t want to believe exist I’ll never forget the first Mo Hayder book I read: The Treatment. When I finished it I was filled with bleakness. I decided then that her writing was not for me and removed her from my author list. A few years later I picked up The Devil of Read more