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  • C.S. Porter: Beneath Her Skin

    C.S. Porter: Beneath Her Skin

    “All any of us have is now…That’s the job. That’s what detectives do. We look backwards. We serve the dead.” It’s a shooting competition with targets placed on bales of hay. The father of a competitor notices red on a paper target and calls a halt to the contest. This is the opening salvo from Read more

  • Trace Conger: Five Will Die

    Trace Conger: Five Will Die

    In a departure from some of his earlier books, Trace Conger offers up the tale of Sheriff Tim Burke whose town is at the mercy of a serial killer. Burke moved to Lincoln, Ohio, when an anxiety disorder forced him to leave the Cleveland Police Department. Now confronted with the certainty that a previously trashed, Read more

  • LaVonne Griffin-Valade: Dead Point

    LaVonne Griffin-Valade: Dead Point

    Maggie Blackthorne is a Sergeant in the Oregon State Police. She’s back in her home town in the eastern Oregon high desert after 20-years. The same faces, and the drunks and pushers, poverty and feuds are all in place. Finding the twin Nodine brothers shot dead along with their dog is a shocking site. Blackthorne Read more

  • Allen Eskens: Nothing More Dangerous

    Allen Eskens: Nothing More Dangerous

     “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr. Boady Sanden is a white 15-year old who’s counting down the days. He’s getting the hell out of Jessup, Missouri. Things are brewing in 70s Jessup though. Lida Poe, the African American bookkeeper at the plastics Read more

  • C.J. TUDOR: The Chalk Man

    C.J. TUDOR: The Chalk Man

    Chalk Figures Stalking horse   Five young friends discover the dismembered body of a girl in 1986. The path to her remains, was drawn by someone using the chalk figures code which the friends devised to communicate with each other. Eddie Adams stayed in Anderbury, while some of his friends moved on. He lives alone Read more