Dietrich Kalteis: Cradle of the Deep

Bobbi Ricci makes her way in the world the best she can. These days, she’s the girlfriend of Lonzo ‘Maddog’ Palmieri. He’s pretty long in the tooth and not quite the fearsome mobster he used to be, but he likes to play-up the mad dog persona.

Bobbi has plans for the money hidden in his closet, it will be a new start for her. Plans change though, when Palmieri’s former driver breaks in and finds her with two bags of cash and holding a gun.

The chase is on for these two hapless thieves. With no plan, they hit the road together and head for the Yukon.

And sure as anything Palmieri isn’t going to let them get away with stealing his money. He sends hired killer Lee Trane after them.

Dietrich Kalteis has been called the Canadian Elmore Leonard. I certainly don’t dispute that statement. Cradle of the Deep has humour, great characters, and the situations are well played – you’ll enjoy it.

Kalteis is not new to the pages of Murder in Common. See a review of Zero Avenue here. And like me, he’s read at Noir at the Bar Toronto. Group photo here, front row, second from the right. I didn’t get a chance to speak with him that night. Hoping for another opportunity one of these days.

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