Andy McNab: SAS Red Notice

Sergeant Tom Buckingham is member of an SAS Regiment and he’s met the love of his life, Delphine. Kinda nice right?

Their relationship is floundering though, he’s often deployed at a moment’s notice, or unable to resolve his mission in time, continually missing events and their time together.

Believing it’s over, Delphine boards the Eurostar taking her across the English channel. Tom rushes to catch the same train, he loves her.

By now you are wondering what in hell am I doing reviewing a romance book. Ah! But onboard the train the terrorists sit plotting, waiting. And we’re off…

This tense thriller by Andy McNab starts with a slow build and once the trouble starts, you are there, on the train with Delphine & Tom…will you make it off alive?

SAS Red Notice should be read in daytime, otherwise you’ll be up all night to finish it.

~ June Lorraine Roberts

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