Dietrich Kalteis: Under an Outlaw Moon

Stella Mae and Bennie met at a roller rink. She was fifteen, he was in his 20s and fresh out of the Missouri State Penitentiary for bank robbery.

Stella dreams of a house with a nice yard. Bennie ponders and plots how to get that for her. I’s not the straight life.

He teaches Stella how to shoot and on her 16th birthday she robs her first bank. That score isn’t much though. If they want the good life they have to work on it.

It’s not long before Edgar J. Hoover has them on his radar for crossing state lines.

Dieter Kalteis has done again, with his own style of spare writing, that somehow gives us every thing we need. Under an Outlaw Moon has it all in one quick and compelling package.

I’ve reviewed two other books by Kalteis . In 2020 I wrote about Cradle of the Deep, and in 2017 it was Zero Avenue.

~ June Lorraine Roberts

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