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  • R.G. Belsky: Yesterday’s News

    R.G. Belsky: Yesterday’s News

    Today’s Story   As the news director for a New York TV station, Clare Carlson is years away from her role as a newspaper journalist. She misses it from time to time, the place where she won her Pulitzer Prize for the story of Lucy, missing at 11-years old. Fifteen years later there is a Read more

  • Melissa Yi: Human Remains – Book Launch Today!

    Melissa Yi: Human Remains – Book Launch Today!

      Moving forward Moving on?   When I last wrote about Melissa Yi’s wonderful character Dr. Hope Sze, she was in dire circumstances in Stockholm Syndrome. The aftermath of this has resulted in PTSD. Currently living in Ottawa, Sze is set for a rotation at a lab for stem cell research. Scoping out the lab the evening before her first work day, she Read more

  • Eric Rickstad: The Silent Girls

    Eric Rickstad: The Silent Girls

        Deer hunter, dart player Retired detective, PI FATHER   Frank Rath leads a quiet life with his daughter Rachel who is enrolled in university. Life as a single father, with a bad back and retired badge are his “now”. His world is somewhat solitary, but not unhappy. His daughter is everything to him. Read more

  • Ilene B. Benator: Schizo – Hidden in Plain Sight

    Insane asylum Two inmates: One Escape Former medical student Dan Greenberg’s life is an endless round of medications, dull food and listless, and at times, violent companions. Pretty much the norm for living in an insane asylum. He’s not supposed to be there, a victim of a set-up when he came close to exposing medical intrusion, by Read more

  • Andrew Case: The Big Fear

    Andrew Case: The Big Fear

    Opposing forces April 1st Release   in his latest book, The Big Fear, Andrew Case brings us into the world of New York’s Department to Investigate Misconduct and Corruption (DIMAC) and it’s new head, Leonard Mitchell. The opening chapter of his book brings us aboard a strangely silent cargo ship where things go wrong for Detective Ralph Mulino. An Read more

  • Travelling: South America

    Off to adventure in South America… Back in a few weeks  

  • Trace Conger: The Shadow Broker

    Caffeinated probing: Dark resolve   Finn Harding wonders when exactly he crossed the line. It’s as ambiguous to the reader as to him but it’s a line which he straddles and a line which he leaps-over as circumstances necessitate. This is in keeping with a PI who has lost his license but continues to accept Read more

  • Darkness read: Noir at the Bar Toronto

           Crime Fiction at it’s best           My second Noir at the Bar Toronto proved better than the last. The reason of course was that over the intervening months I got to meet many authors as well as to befriend some of them in Toronto and other environs.     Read more

  • Win: Benefit of the Doubt by Neal Griffin

    Today marks the official launch of Neal Griffin’s Benefit of the Doubt. The book is written by 25-year veteran of law enforcement who grew up in the kind of town he writes about. It sounds like a scary place. I reviewed this book last week and I hope it sparked an interest for you. Now take Read more

  • Murder Mystery Novels: Meeting your needs?

        Reading, reading, reading   Yet I haven’t posted a crime fiction book for you to dive into. The reason simply put, is what I have read to date just hasn’t made the cut, hit the mark or any other cliché you can think of for an answer.     The books haven’t all Read more

  • Can Being Tired Make Us Better Writers?

    This piece from Kristen Lamb is so good I just had to reblog it for you.Please read it and tell me: Do you believe pushing yourself past your seemed limits will get results. Have you achieved a result doing so? ~ June Lorraine

  • Spring Noir is Here!

    For your consideration…

  • Famous Hackers: Careers After Crime for Cyber Criminals

    An article on some real world Black Hats who have become White Hats that I thought you might find interesting. June Lorraine

  • Order of the British Empire Awards

    The Queen’s Honours were announced on New Year’s Eve and two crime fiction authors were among those recognized. Anthony Horowitz – OBE Horowitz is the creator of Young Adult series featuring Alex Rider the world’s youngest spy. And I have to mention he is also the creator of the wonderful ITV TV show Foyle’s War. Read more

  • Raven’s Top 5 Crime Reads 2013

    An excellent post with well considered picks ~ June Lorraine