Arthur Herbert: The Cuts That Cure

Alex Brantley is a highly skilled surgeon in the wrong profession.

So what does he do? Well the choice is limited as his license is revoked and he is pilloried by the media. So change professions and become a high school science teacher and track coach is the answer.

In small town Three Rivers, Texas, Brantley strives to fit in. He knows there is gossip about his past, but waits for questions, and doesn’t sugar coat the truth when he answers.

Henry Wallis is a bit outside of fitting in, although most don’t know it. His personality is a fabrication hidden behind a girlfriend, track and field, and football. The real Henry is something else all together, something darkly blooming.

A great suspense/thriller, with good pacing and character development. If you think you know the direction of this book, you couldn’t be more mistaken.

The Cuts That Cure is the debut novel by Arthur Herbert and this is a writer to keep tabs on.

~ June Lorraine Roberts

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