Simon Maltman: The Mark

Vicky Stark does music covers at birthdays, anniversaries and the like. She also takes photos of household alarm systems so her ex-boyfriend Mike can burgle their homes and split the profits with her.

She’s going on vacation, leaving rainy Belfast for the Canary Island of Lanzarote. Warm breezes and poolside relaxation are what she needs most. Of course it doesn’t work out that way.

Stark runs across former clients Richard and Ivan at the resort and is invited to join them for dinner. They were two of her first clients/victims and she’s nervous about being around them.

Things take a bad turn when Ivan shows up at her door, and her life becomes a series of mind numbing events.

Stark isn’t really a likable character, she’s a stoner with the resultant lackadaisical life style, supported by the profits of stolen goods.

As the story moves forward she begins trying to understand how in hell she turned into the person she has become. The cost to her is very high.

I’m a fan of Maltman’s writing and reviewed Witness here on Murder in Common a year ago.

Give The Mark a go, you’ll enjoy the read.

~ June Lorraine

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