David Bell: Try Not to Breathe

Three sisters, Alisha, Avery, and Anna, who is their step-sister.

Avery Rogers gives up her career with the Kentucky State Police after a near-death experience. She’s working as campus security – boring but safer.

Her father, a retired police chief, says Anna is missing. He coerces Avery into looking for her.

Anna Rogers is acting out on her own issues with her father around current police brutality. She has conflicting feelings, but follows an ideology, and attends a demonstration.

When Avery does find Anna the secrets and jeopardy are front and centre, and this story takes off.

Try Not To Breathe by David Bell is a great thriller that also does full duty to family relationships and the characters within.

~ June Lorraine Roberts

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  1. Ah, family dynamics! That network of relationships can really add to a story, I think. And it sounds as though there are a lot of layers to this one. Glad you enjoyed it, June!

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