Candace Fox: Gathering Dark

Blair Harbour, brilliant pediatric surgeon, convicted murder. She’s been out of prison for one year and works at gas station convenience store – the only job she could get.

One night-shift, Harbour is held up at gunpoint by a terrified young woman. A visit by her former cellmate ‘Sneak’ a few days later reveals that it was her daughter who committed the crime. Now she’s missing.

Meantime, Detective Jessica Sanchez has inherited a $7-Million dollar home as a result of solving a cold-case. She’s the detective who put Harbour behind bars. Reviled by her department and despondent, she looks at the case again. She’s unsure that Harbour’s coviction was the correct outcome.

There is so much going on in this book. It’s complex with provocative, quirky characters, stirring scenarios, heartfelt interraction, and dangerous acquaintances. In a word – fantastic.

Gathering Dark is the debut of the new Jessica Sanchez Series by Candace Fox and the story is based in Los Angeles.

Her bestselling Crimson Lake series based in Australia, will be made into a TV series starring Thomas Jane.

If you haven’t read Fox, you really should get on it. I reviewed Crimson Lake in 2018. Click Here and read on.

~ June Lorraine Roberts

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  1. I really enjoyed Crimson Lake a year or two ago and she is definitely an author I would like to try again. Nothing more from her sitting on the pile at the minute though. I’ll add this to the maybe one day list, like I’m ever going to run out of books!

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