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  • Stephen Collier: Crimson Dragon

    Stephen Collier: Crimson Dragon

    DI Mandy Lee was young when she escaped from her triad family Crimson Dragon. Now she is a homicide detective in the Hong Kong Police. The crime scene: a triad brothel where a dead woman is found. She isn’t a sex trade worker and this has Lee and her partner shaking their heads. Nothing about Read more

  • Michael J Clark: The Truth You’re Told

    Michael J Clark: The Truth You’re Told

    Freshly fired from her job Sam Hutchins heads to the family cabin in Manitoba, Canada. Sam is joined by her daughter Meg, and begins to reconnect with lake friends from prior years. She’s supposed to be writing a book, but time and reacquaintances are moving her along with little on the page. It’s digging into Read more

  • Paul Heatley: Bloodline

    Paul Heatley: Bloodline

    He’s AWOL from a black-ops unit and moves often to leave no trace. It’s when his brother Anthony’s pregnant wife is murdered, that Tom Rollins comes home. The once fuck-up Anthony had gone undercover for the FBI and infiltrated a neo Nazi group. He was outed, leading to his wife’s death, and his own brutal Read more

  • Adam Bregman: Angelino Heights

    Adam Bregman: Angelino Heights

    Dalton Everest’s life as a teacher is pretty standard. While quite the character with his quirky wit and offbeat sense of humour, he has a narrow group of friends and leads a steady life. He frets about his lack of height and sticks to corduroy jackets from thrift shops to make a statement. A chance Read more

  • Robin Yocum: The Sacrifice of Lester Yates

    Robin Yocum: The Sacrifice of Lester Yates

    Hutch Van Buren is the Attorney General of Ohio and bored beyond belief. Always someone who roots for the underdog and a talented, driven prosecutor, he longs for more of… something. ‘Something’ walks into his office one day without an appointment. Black binders carried by prison guard Reno Moretti. Lester Yates, the Egypt Valley Strangler Read more

  • Jonathan Brown: Don’t Shoot the Drummer

    Jonathan Brown: Don’t Shoot the Drummer

    There’s a 3-member burglary crew around Los Angeles targeting homes under fumigation tents. The press dubs them, the Tent Gang. They’ve been successful, in and out with no problems. Until the night a security guard catches them and is shot and killed for his efforts. Lou Crasher the dynamic, amateur PI is working with the Read more

  • C.S. O’Cinneide: Starr Sign + Interview

    C.S. O’Cinneide: Starr Sign + Interview

    The Return of Candace Starr The next book in The Candace Starr Series couldn’t have come at a better time. Starr is out there as a character, and we could all use a little bit of out right now. Starr becomes determined to find her mother. The same mother who abandoned her as a young Read more

  • Candace Fox: Gathering Dark

    Candace Fox: Gathering Dark

    Blair Harbour, brilliant pediatric surgeon, convicted murder. She’s been out of prison for one year and works at gas station convenience store – the only job she could get. One night-shift, Harbour is held up at gunpoint by a terrified young woman. A visit by her former cellmate ‘Sneak’ a few days later reveals that Read more

  • Heather Chavez: No Bad Deed

    Heather Chavez: No Bad Deed

    Let her die, and I’ll let you live Veternarian Cassie Larkin is in trouble. It began when she stopped a man from attacking a woman on the side of the road. He warned her, told her to leave, but she didn’t listen. Perhaps she should have. His name is Carver Sweet, which is quite the Read more

  • John Galligan: Bad Axe County

    John Galligan: Bad Axe County

    Heidi Kick was made interim Sherrif in rural Bad Axe County, Wisconsin. It doen’t go down well with some of the citizens, including the Senior Deputy who thought the position would automatically be his to inherit. Battling targetted snide comments and attempts to set her up, Kick soldiers through. An ice and snow blizzard is Read more

  • Simon Maltman: Witness

    Simon Maltman: Witness

    How have things come to this? Lord is this your will? Pastor Tom has a past. Many do in East Belfast post-Troubles. Sure there’d been times he’d been called upon to inflict a ‘punishment beating.’ But that’s all behind him. Has been for years. He lives the straight life now with his lovely wife and Read more

  • Jason Beech: American Spartan +Interview +Bonus Book-1 Review

    Jason Beech: American Spartan +Interview +Bonus Book-1 Review

    SOFTLY, SOFTLY Ricky Nardilo is a cop in the small town where he grew up. His position there is tenuous – he doesn’t know who on the police force he can trust. Everyone in town is owned by Vale. Vale who haunts his life and watches his every step. It wasn’t a great town when Read more

  • S.A. Cosby: Blacktop Wasteland

    S.A. Cosby: Blacktop Wasteland

    Beauregard Montage is in danger of losing his garage. Well, much more than that really as “Bug” can lose everything close to his heart if he takes part in a diamond heist. Bug is known over several states as the best wheel-man around. He’s been straight for a few years, but circumstances have him in Read more