Moonlight & Misadventure

Moonlight & Misadventure is a journey into the devilish minds of several crime fiction authors. Some I’d read before and some new reads. The discovery and re-discovery is always an entertaining process.

Here’s a quick overview to whet your appetite:

Michael A. Clark – Scavenger Hunt, has an undercover FBI agent in a skiff with three white supremacists.

Tracy Falenwolfe – Cereus Thinking, tells the story of a teenage girl helping run her grandparents trailer park and a deadly enemy on her trail

C.W. Blackwell – 12 Miles to Taylorsville, gives us Angie Kritt who works a bar in timber country and helps a panicked, desperate woman.

There is so much more: competitive twins, criminal lovers, coins tossed in a fountain, thorough border guards, and siblings with an estranged brother.

An absolutely delightful selection of stories edited by Judy Penz Sheluk who was on my Persons of Interest list a few years ago with her debut book in A Glass Dolphin Mystery Series. She’s been a very busy writer since then with several books to her credit. Click Here for a list.

A thoroughly enjoyable read and highly recommended.

~ June Lorraine Roberts

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