James Grady: This Train

C.C.C.C.: Confirm Contain Control Contingencies. The four Cs of foresee.

Nora, Constance and her dog Mugzy, the messenger bag man, and a Marine with his wife and two children, were the first to arrive in the Premium seating area for Amtrak #779 – the Empire Builder from Seattle to Chicago.

Others arrived, a racist banker and his wife, the millennial couple, a billionaire who hates to fly among them.

Also onboard This Train a SWAT team, that has the passengers curious but mainly underwhelmed. For 47-hours they are all riding along the same track. And what happens during this time frame is a patter and roll dance that will leave you breathless.

The writing style of James Grady is a riff of half spoken intent and asides of assertion. You need to pay attention. it’s worth it.

Available May 3, 2022 > Pre-order here

~ June Lorraine Roberts

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