Deryn Collier: A Real Somebody

I’ll be going on summer hiatus but had to squeeze in this delightful mystery story by Deryn Collier, based on the true story of her aunt, June Grant.

Grant is the breadwinner of her family in Montreal, as having fallen on hard times, the once wealthy family relies on her small salary to keep them going.

The expectations for her are limited, primarily to get married and raise children. And of course a husband would certainly help with the financial situation.

Working in the secretarial pool at an advertising agency Grant keeps mainly to herself. He brother-in-law defected from the agency opening his own 2-years ago, and her continued employment there still makes her uneasy.

Called in to take notes for an advertising campaign, she’s asked for her opinion as a woman. Her comments are insightful and at the same time the process sparks something in Grant beginning an unexpected outlet to her creativity.

Just one thing, Grant is shocked to see a photo of her sister Daisy as one of the models. This is not in keeping with the family image, and also very concerning, Daisy’s husband is the agency defector who left and whose business is seemingly successful.

The more she keeps her eye on Daisy the more she notes and is concerned. Just what is going on with the Red Lantern Taxi company and the businesses in that area?

A Real Somebody is an engaging book, rife with details about elements of Montreal and life after WWII. You’ll find yourself immersed in the Grant family, their hardscrabble living, and their ability to tiredly get along with things no matter the difficulty. Highly recommended.

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      • Enjoy – before Ella was born, I told Pretty if she would handle the baby duties, I would be happy to take over when she could walk and talk. Deal, Pretty said, because she raised our son when he was born and I wasn’t in the picture. .
        Trust me on this: they truly do grow up in front of your eyes and are much easier to deal with when they are babies. That Pretty knew!
        When Molly came along, I asked Pretty if we could switch that deal we made for Ella. She just laughed and said oh my do you think I didn’t know what talking and walking was all about??? No new deal.

  1. This sounds really appealing, June. I always like novels that show something about society and the life around us through the eyes of the individuals who live in that society. And the main character sounds very interesting!

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