Florence Wetzel: The Woman Who Went Overboard

Agnes Andersson needs a husband in her life and the cruise she’s taking is her lifeline to accomplishing that.

Self-described as overweight and jowly, she knows she is not desirable to everyone. Still, she is determined to find a tall, handsome husband.

She spots Einar immediately, and is thrilled that he is assigned to her dinner table. But things are not going well. Over the days he spends most of his time with Pamela who is supposed to be Agnes’s ‘cruise best friend.’

A bit of cat and mouse takes place as Agnes takes some matters into her own hands when things mount against her. And then… an unfathomable opportunity.

I’m so pleased to bring The Woman Who Went Overboard to you. While this book skews on the softer side, it immediately draws you in to Agnes’s world and you’ll quickly turn the pages.

It’s been almost a year since I reviewed Wetzel’s book The Grand Man. She won’t disappoint with this one either.

~ June Lorraine

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