Trace Conger: Five Will Die

In a departure from some of his earlier books, Trace Conger offers up the tale of Sheriff Tim Burke whose town is at the mercy of a serial killer.

Burke moved to Lincoln, Ohio, when an anxiety disorder forced him to leave the Cleveland Police Department.

Now confronted with the certainty that a previously trashed, anonymous note of clipped letters, is coming true, Burke contacts the FBI.

Not able to assist with the case, Burke’s FBI contact recommends a freelance profiler. She’s atypical, successful and really enjoys her work.

Five Will Die from Conger is a smooth read with enjoyable characters. Really, no matter what he writes, he consistently delivers.

I’ve featured Trace Conger before, in 2017 regarding his Shamus Award winning Mr. Finn series, and more recently last year about his spin-off from that series Mirage Man.

~ June Lorraine

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  1. The author certainly has an interesting background and I love his compelling book title too. I would love to read this one curled beside the fireplace with a perfect nightcap. 📖👓🍵. Best regards June for an wonderful rest of the week.♥️

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