Tag: crime noir

  • Dietrich Kalteis: Nobody From Somewhere

    Dietrich Kalteis: Nobody From Somewhere

    Available June 7, 2022 – Preorder Here Wren Jones is a 15 year old runaway from the foster care system. She picked the wrong car to use the back seat to sleep in. Fitch Henry Haut is a retired detective, widowed, and dying from cancer. While waiting for the meatloaf special in a Vancouver diner, Read more

  • Nick Kolakowski: Love & Bullets

    Nick Kolakowski: Love & Bullets

    The Rockaway Mob is pissed. Bill has made off with their money. He’s tired of the con artist life and sees the money as a score to relieve the tedium of his existence. It could even be a mid-life crisis he’s going thru. The head of the Rockaway mob is The Dean, a fussy, pompous, Read more

  • Stephen J. Golds: Love Like Bleeding Out

    Stephen J. Golds: Love Like Bleeding Out

    With an Empty Gun in Your Hand Love Like Bleeding out is a broad look at the work of Stephen J. Golds and it will rouse and churn you. It’s the kind of collection impossible to complete in one reading. For me, breathing space was necessary to ruminate and digest. The kind of work your Read more

  • S.A. Cosby: Blacktop Wasteland

    S.A. Cosby: Blacktop Wasteland

    Beauregard Montage is in danger of losing his garage. Well, much more than that really as “Bug” can lose everything close to his heart if he takes part in a diamond heist. Bug is known over several states as the best wheel-man around. He’s been straight for a few years, but circumstances have him in Read more

  • E.A. Barres: They’re Gone

    E.A. Barres: They’re Gone

    Deb Linh Thomas and Cessy Castillo have something in common. Both of their husbands were murdered the same night. For Thomas, it’s devastation. Her husband died at the hands of a crazed sex worker. For Castillo, it was no great loss. Her husband was physically abusive. Each woman will be drawn into something they want Read more

  • Three Autumn Page Turners

    Three Autumn Page Turners

    Time for a few books to get the blood moving in your veins. Ebook available now! Available for Amazon pre-order TOMORROW. What more can I say about Melissa Yi, than I have over the years? Only then, that she continues to write this amazing series I’m totally hooked on. Dr. Hope Sze and her fiancé Read more

  • Sue Coletta: Pretty Evil New England

    Sue Coletta: Pretty Evil New England

    Sue Coletta Interview + Pretty Evil New England Book Giveaway! As you know, I like to shake things up now and again. This time, it’s featuring crime fiction author Sue Coletta, writing her first true crime book. Not just that, Coletta has provided an interview on how she managed the writing transition from crime fiction Read more

  • Stephen J. Golds: Say Goodbye When I’m Gone

    Stephen J. Golds: Say Goodbye When I’m Gone

    The nail that sticks out will be hammered down My waiting with veiled patience for Say Goodbye When I’m Gone has paid off. This debut by Stephen J Golds is one urgent, breathless trip and certainly not for the prim and squeamish. It’s noir with a capital N. It’s the blunt end of the sword Read more

  • Joe R. Lansdale: More Better Deals

    Joe R. Lansdale: More Better Deals

    “Murderers always get caught. Except the ones that get away with it.” Ed Edwards is weary of the game. He’s been working at Smiling Dave’s used car lot for awhile and is tired of the rolled back odometers, and cars held together with electrical tape and a prayer to get them off the lot. “Buyer Read more

  • Jakub Żulczyk: Blinded by the Lights

    Jakub Żulczyk: Blinded by the Lights

    There are three things that Kuba says Warsaw is about: talking, hustling and cocaine. Kuba deals cocaine, or rather he defines himself as a retailer of his hustle. Talking? Barely, and he has a low number of smiles he can sustain in one day to deal with his clients. Tone deaf to his own emotions, Read more